Member Services


Meal Plan is Mandatory 

Resident Member and their  partner's participation in the meal plan as provided by the Green College Dining Society (GCDS) is an integral part of life and community participation at Green College.  Not only is the function of dining together an act of community, so too are everyone's contributions to the plan to benefit the common good. 

Dietary Restrictions

Please note that the kitchen prepares only three meal plan types:  meat, vegetarian, and omnivore (a plan for those who want to eat less meat). The kitchen can accommodate allergies, but cannot guarantee it can accommodate special diets (vegan, paleo, etc.) or all dietary restrictions. 

Please complete the Dietary Accommodation Form and enquire with the kitchen in advance to see if your dietary restrictions can be met.

Resident Member Meals

*Some residents may choose to eat breakfast elsewhere in Graham House or outdoors on the lower patio. Residents who use alternative spaces are responsible for cleaning all table surfaces they use and they are responsible for returning all dishes, cutlery, glasses, and trays to the Dining Hall. 

Flexible Dining Options

The GCDS recognizes that not everyone can attend meals at meal times all the time, and has the following programs to assist with those times.

Bagged Breakfast Program - request your breakfast be packaged up for pickup from the common fridge

Boxed Dinner Program and the ticket voucher - request that your dinner be boxed for pickup from the common fridge, or request a voucher (limit one per month) in lieu to be redeemed for a meal at another time

Membership Fee Reduction (MFR) - request a reduction in your monthly meal plan fees for when you're going to be away for seven or more consecutive days within a single month.

Alcohol Service

A selection of alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine is available for purchase at the serving counter with dinner. 

The Dining Society holds a food-primary liquor licence, which permits selling and serving alcohol with food in licensed areas of Green College. This licence gives the responsibility over the purchase, sale, and consumption of alcohol in licensed spaces. Members should note that this responsibility makes it unlawful for anyone to:

The liquor license applies only to the following areas: Graham House, Upper patio, grassed patio north of the Coach House. 

The liquor license does not apply to: Green Commons, Coach House, Common Kitchen and residence rooms.


Due Dates

Fees are due on or before the first business day of the month, or the date specified in your invoice as generated by the GCDS Bookkeeper. Requests for payment due-date extensions can be made to the GCDS President or the Green College Assistant Principal, Operations. Extensions may be granted on compassionate grounds or based on unforseen circumstances.

Fee Reductions for Late Check-Ins: 

New Resident Members will automatically receive discounts in 10% increments per week on their first monthly meal plan installment if they arrive after the start date of their Residence Contract. Member monthly meal plan prices will be reduced based on the Membership Fee Reduction standard of 10% per week (7 days) of delay. This partial reduction is in recognition that all members have an obligation to the Dining Society, to support it for the benefit of all members in the community regardless of whether they are participating in meals.

Late Fees  

The GCDS will enforce the following in regards to payment of Dining Society fees by all GCDS members:

NSF (Not Sufficient Funds) Fee

The Green College Dining Society (GCDS) will charge $30 for any payment  made to the GCDS that was returned as NSF by our financial institutions.

Termination Fees

If you cancel your Residence Contract (that is, do not stay to the end of the contract) you may be assessed termination fees.

Termination fees are modelled after the Residence Contract. Should you be waived termination fees in cancelling your Residence Contract, the GCDS will similarly waive and/or reduce GCDS termination fees. 

GCDS termination fees are the lesser of: 

(1) 25% of the total meal plan fees for the contract period at the full-month Membership Fee Reduction (MFR)* rate, or 

(2) the remaining fees you would owe to the end of the contract period, also reducable by MFR. 

*MFR rates are determined annually, based on a formula of reducing the full monthly meal plan by a fixed percent per week of absence. 

For example:

The maximum owing is 25% of total meal plan fees. On a 12mo Residence Contract at $500/mo and where MFR discounts to 50%, that maximum would be 25% of ($500 x 50% MFR reduction x 12mo), or $750. 

If the meal plan was $500/mo, and you terminated your contract for the end of June, you would owe $500. You would owe two months for July and August @ $500 each totalling $1000, reduced by the full-month MFR rate @ 50%).

If the meal plan was $500/mo, and you terminated your contract at the end of April, you would owe $750. You would owe four months for May, June, July, and August @ $500 each, reduced by 50% MFR, totalling $1000. That exceeds the maximum of $750.