Prices and Fees

2023-2024 Dinner Prices (Reservations for Dinner)

Non-student $25.00 including taxes

Student $20.00 including taxes

Monthly Meal Plan Fees

October 2023 - August 2024 

Breakfasts and Dinners for Resident Members, Monday to Friday

Student: $540.60

Non-Student: $540.60 + $27.03 tax


December: $378.42 + $18.92 tax (students and non-students)

August: $432.48 + $21.62 tax (students and non-students whose contracts end August 24, $540.60 for all others)

How to Pay

See Payment Primer Guide on the Member Services section

Membership Fee Reduction Standard and Schedule (MFR)

MFR is both a program and a flexible meal plan fee-reduction standard used in a number of GCDS processes. As a program, it is a way for members to apply for and reduce their monthly meal plan fees when away from the College. The standard is also used for bookkeeping (billing) calculations such as late arrivals, etc..

The reason for the standard is this: all members are responsible for and contribute towards the upkeep of the Society, even when not eating meals. Approximately 50% of the Society's monthly fee goes to fixed costs such as salaries, utilities, etc., that must always be paid. The remaining 50% may be reduced. MFR reduces the fee by 10% per 7 consecutive days within a calendar month, up to 50% for an entire month. The use of MFR incurs a loss of our student tax exemption; the remaining amount owing is taxable.

October 2023 - August 2024 MFR Schedule

Duration Reduction Credit Fee

1 week 10% $54.06 $486.54+tax

2 weeks 20% $108.12 $432.48+tax

3 weeks 30% $162.18 $378.42+tax

4 weeks 40% $216.24 $324.36+tax

1 Month 50% $270.30 $270.30+tax